The choice between black and color is difficult. Do not hesitate, following this guide you will browse the different options

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As much in color as in gray level everything is allowed in the tattoo. Everything will depend on the quality of the tattoo artist's performance. It is therefore very important to consult the artists' books or websites to get an opinion on their work. Before making an appointment, talk to him about your drawing to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Make a choice

Get advice from your tattoo artist if you have a doubt about the color choice. It will guide your choice according to the size, the shape and the desired rendering. You can opt for models like animals or butterflies that go in black as well as in color. Everything will depend on your desire but to know, the colors bring out the drawing, so if you want a discreet tattoo you will have to orient yourself on the black. It's up to you to see what you prefer.

Black and Grayscale

In some areas of tattoos like maori or tribal black seems particularly effective. However the black pigment is also used to make many shades of gray. Starting from the light gray or black gets degraded allows to realize shades of all beauty without using the color. If coming out of the living room you find the gray of the tattoo a little pale wait for your skin to peel to reveal all its intensity.

The colors

Old School style lovers particularly appreciate it. The color is more and more widespread. There is a wide range of bright colors, pastels and even gold that will give more life to your tattoo. Do some research yourself and you'll find amazing results!


Pastel or white-and-yellow colors can vary over time and tend to be poorer than black. Pay attention to your tattoo right from the start and protect it from exposure to the sun otherwise the colors will pass and it may fade a bit more over the years. On the black tattoo also you must apply sunscreen at the risk of seeing it turn blue. If you have the right action and you protect your tattoo before sun exposure, the color will hold as well as black. Your tattoo aged with your skin, there is no secret, take care of yourself by passing the moisturizer regularly.
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