Take the time to think about the choice of your motive because your tattoo will accompany you all your life. To regret nothing in the future, take your time to find the design that suits your personality.

Tattooed woman choosing a pattern
You can choose a tattoo for the beauty of the drawing, the symbolic meaning or for a desire, the important thing is to make a pattern that you like! Getting a tattoo is an important choice that will follow you all your life. Ask yourself about the reason when you start developing your project. Ask yourself what artistic style you want for your tattoo, something colorful, sober, big, small ... Do some research and find out what's going on. Do not limit yourself, artistic fields are constantly evolving. Do not hesitate to ask people already tattooed how they chose their reasons.

Look at all styles

We all have our tastes and colors, What you like will not necessarily please some people. To organize the selection of your ideal motive, start by defining what you do not like rather than what you might try. Check out many patterns before ruling out a tattoo style. No style is reserved! Look for the most varied graphic tattoos to determine which one is closest to your desire. It would be a shame to miss some types of tattoo thinking for example that the American style is reserved for bikers. remember that a drawing that seems successful in one style may be much less beautiful in another.

Choose the location

Choosing a pattern is also deciding on its location. Many people in front of the tattoo artist have a mature idea of ​​their tattoo but do not know where to put it. The pattern will indicate by its size and graphics its location. You will not be able to choose very large drawings if you intend to limit your tattoo to the upper arm. The location of the motif will also complicate the work of the tattoo artist. The tattoo situation may be in a very fragile place, your tattoo artist will have to perform a complicated service that may be finalized in several stages. Finally do not forget that even if the tattoo is private the choice of motive will involve your entourage. You must be careful in choosing the design that may be perceived as an assault or claim if it is considered too bright.

See the future

Many people are tempted by motives without taking into account the commitment in time. Think carefully before you get the name of a pet, a summer love or a rock band. With time your passions, your personality change. Some drawings go out of fashion and become damaging over time. Avoid ridicule and plan in time to avoid making irremediable mistakes. Ask yourself some questions, do you see yourself older with the selected pattern or will this tattoo harm my loved ones?
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