The tattoo artist's choice is an important step in the success of your tattoo. It is he who will mark your skin and will accompany you in this very intimate approach. More than a service provider, it's a partner you have to find.

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Do not neglect the choice of your tattoo artist, it's his talent and the quality of his performance that will make you love your new tattoo. A tattooist must take the time to understand your wish and to help you in your project. It's these tattooists that take precedence over quality rather than quantity and make you love your new skin. If a tattoo artist pleases you, because he is next to you or is an acquaintance first check his work. Check out their work online often on their Facebook page, you will have access to many of their creations and look carefully at the features. Check that these are clear and regular. Feel free to compare several salons and do not leave small shops without a website. Move around and meet these talented and professional artists. Check out their book knowing that you will only have the pretty tattoos put forward.

Lead the investigation

To start looking for your tattoo artist use the web. Note the professionals in the market and move around. To evaluate the benefit what better than to visit a tattoo parlor to meet his future partner. This is the first appointment or visit unexpectedly you will discover his book. To consult his portfolio will give you a very precise idea of his work. Take the time to ask him for the rules of hygiene that he puts in place to avoid any risk. The tattoo artist can even show you the process of sterilization of the objects he will use during his intervention. Of course look for a tattoo artist irreproachable otherwise feel free to change the salon to find another or quality of service: hygiene, graphics will be his priority.

Trust word of mouth

Do not give up even if you do not find your happiness in tattoo parlors in your area, ask around. You can always find a good tattoo artist through word of mouth, and your loved ones can give you advice that you may have missed. They can also point you to another more savvy tattooist. Beware of amateur tattooists who practice unbeatable prices. There may be an eel under rock. Do not prefer tattoos with pinions on street, they are sometimes very busy, and stress, even the best can cause irreversible mistakes. Know that bad tattoo artists will not delusion very long. Check out the discussion forums you will also find a good tattoo artist. People who are passionate about tattooing share their experiences on internet blogs. You will surely find many addresses near you

Let talk the feeling

Once you have selected your tattoo parlor you must ask the tattooist questions before making a decision. You must address the most important topics from the beginning: hygiene, the way you work, the prices, the availability ... You must get to know your tattoo artist. You should not limit yourself to asking a few questions but ask questions about the feasibility of your project. A good tattoo artist will never judge you but he will always take the time to advise you and tell you things that are not done: example with tattoos sometimes very well done but not in the right direction. A good tattoo artist will also warn you if your tattoo can be shocking to wear for you and those around you. If you have the feeling and need to rework the pattern make sure it understands your taste very well.
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