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"Meeting with Sarah addicted to tattoos"

Are you interested in tattoos for a long time?

I was always attracted by the drawings, as soon as I was in school I drew on my notebooks, the drawing fascinated me and during my adolescence I flashed on the tattoos. I wanted to get a tattoo right away but I did not have the consent of my parents I had to wait until I was 18 years old.

Your first tattoo was thoughtful?

I knew exactly what I wanted before getting a tattoo. Over time I drew my tattoo. A tribal that hides a meaning that only I knew. I thought about the shape he would take where I wanted to put it.

How did you choose your tattoo artist?

I chose someone I trusted that I already knew. My best friend's friend does a lot of very successful tattoos. It has a very clean lounge which reassures me too. His performance was so successful that I wanted another!

Have you done any other tattoos since?

Yes I have cracked many times on reasons that I created and that have for me a real sentimental value since I have them I feel lucky and protected. I decided to stop because it starts to come back dear!

Do your tattoos have any meaning?

Yes, they all have a meaning related to my story, to my life. They are there: to love and to claim. However, I have one that has no meaning and that is purely aesthetic but by dint of looking at it I found him one.


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