Tattooing is an important decision and even more when it comes to love. Choose your model, between names, Chinese symbols, hearts. Here are some tattoo ideas to do as a couple.

Heart tattooed lovers hands


Has it often crossed your mind to represent your love through a tattoo in the form of a heart? The red of the heart represents the passion and the sensuality, this color stir the feelings without any doubt. The heart can be staged as you see fit. There are many models. It can be crossed by the cupid arrow, broken and reunited when your half is with you. The heart can also be personalized according to your own story. You can even recreate this romantic form with other icons (two swans ..)

The first names

You can mark your skin with the name of the loved one on the arms. It was the sailors who engraved their mother's first name on the biceps and GIs after World War II who wrote the name of their darling. This is a classic, which can also be done with discretion with the initials.

The flowers

The red rose is at the top of the list of flowers most valued for its beauty. It is often associated with the heart and represents absolute love. She is not the only flower to represent love the tulip 'I promise you', the lilac 'my heart belong to you', the violet 'I love you in secret' ... Even in this area it is quite possible to choose an original motif that is not without meaning.

The lips

We find this tattoo especially among boys who keep the eternal borrowing of the kiss of their beautiful. Now more and more girls are doing this tattoo attached to sensuality and love. This tattoo is timeless unlike names or hearts. It is a good way to bring the love of your loved one in all discretion.

The romantic tribal

The tribal is the most delicate way of representing your love by so abstract forms that only the privileged ones know its meaning. It is a way to show off your love without being perceived by all.

Chinese symbols

The most exotic way to tattoo a word of love or a name: many Chinese ideograms represent the love, the heart. The symbol should also be chosen in relation to the place you want to tattoo. These signs are very used by boys, which allows them in an unconventional way, to declare their affection.
black and white tattooed couple

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