Animals are among the most popular tattoo designs. But their meaning varies considerably from one species to another. Zoom on this topic to help you choose the one that best fits your personality

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The snake

If, on a daily basis, this reptile scares many people, it is very appreciated in the field of tattooing account given its particularly rich symbolism. He can suggest temptation (it is he who incites Adam and Eve to chew the fruit forbidden in the Bible), but that's not all. It is also synonymous with rebirth and evolution spiritual because of its moult. Moreover, it adapts perfectly to all parts of the body: It also works well wrapped around an arm or ankle than on a shoulder, belly or back.

The birds

Evocative of travel, freedom and spiritual elevation, birds belong to timeless tattoos among men and women of all ages. There are various nuances depending on the species. The swallow, for example, evokes fidelity. The eagle and the hawk emphasize the power while the dove is rather assimilated to peace.


Synonym of luck according to a legend dating from the Middle Ages, the ladybug is one of the good luck tifs favorite girls. Of course, it is particularly aesthetic in color. Moreover, in flight as at the stop, its small size lends itself perfectly to a first tattoo, simple and discreet.

The turtle

The turtle has existed for more than two hundred and fifty million years and lives very long: it represents longevity in every sense of the word. In China, she is considered a metaphor for the world while in Hindu mythology it is the second incarnation of the god Vishnu (the one that shows the way to men). Its slowness also makes it an emblem of patience and wisdom.

The dolphin

Marine mammal known for its extreme sensitivity and remarkable intelligence, the dolphin has always been considered an ally of the man. He would have saved many lost sailors at sea because of the storm. Very player, he is easily approached by human beings and fully embodies friendship.

The shark

If, in Western culture, he is still unjustly reduced to a terrifying man-eater, while he is an indispensable link in the chain of life, the shark belongs to the domain of the sacred for some Oceanian and African civilizations. He inspires a deep respect. His motive is often prized by nature lovers who feel in symbiosis with the sea.

The cat

The symbolism of the cat varies according to the times and cultures. Sacred animal in the time of ancient Egypt and the savior of Muhammad in Islam, he was demonized in the Christian Europe of the Middle Ages. From a certain In a way, these contradictory interpretations follow its mysterious charm. Delicate, independent and graceful wish he can rebel good quad seems to him and out his claws at any time.

The lion, the panther and the tiger

In the line of felines, the lion, the panther and the tiger are among the favorite tattoos. Supreme hunters, they watch their prey for a long time before jumping on it. It is difficult to escape them. It's here why they are synonymous with strength and power. He also suggest some courage because hunting is essential for their survival.

The wolf

Our perception of the wolf is marked by a duality. He embodies the ferocity in many tales and legends that describe him as a solitary warrior, savage and ill-intentioned. Nevertheless, in the reality, it also represents protection by constantly watching over its pack and defending it against possible attacks. His courage inspires both fear and consideration.

The horse

Ubiquitous in mythology, legends and cultural traditions, the horse is the number one partner many great heroes. Loyal and majestic, it is a strong symbol of conquest. Sometimes with powers magic, a horn or a pair of wings, it also evokes reverie.

The butterfly

Refined and graceful, the butterfly is generally likened to lightness and a certain poetry. Account given his metamorphoses, he is also a symbol of resurrection. In addition, its rounded shapes and varied colors lend themselves particularly well to tattooing. Even if some men like him, he does especially part of the favorite motives of the fairer sex for its delicacy.

The salamander

This miniature dragon is all the rage, especially among women who wear it at the level of lower abdomen or ankle. It represents fire, but also immortality because it has a faculty of exceptional regeneration (if you cut your legs or tail, for example, it repels without no problem).
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